Hello, my name is Joanne and I’m a tall girl.

Funnily enough though, a lot of people think I’m not aware that I’m over 6ft and feel the need to point it out to me – sound familiar?!  As an awkward teenager it was bad enough being more noticeable than everyone else, but not being able to dress how you wanted was just the worst.

At 6ft3 with a size UK 10 shoe I  had become increasingly frustrated at the lack of choice in footwear for girls with a larger than average shoe size. (UK size 9, 10, 11 /Euro 43,44, 45). I  thought there must be other tall girls in the UK who struggled not only to find shoes that fit, but also to find footwear that was fashionable.  Every outfit choice was dictated by the shoes available – which usually meant wearing an extra long pair of trousers to cover the hideous styles that were available my size.  On the rare occasion I did find something vaguely feminine that fit, I would buy 3 pairs – just in case when they wore out I had a spare.


In 1998, with little knowledge of the footwear industry, but a passion in my heart, I launched my  first mail order brochure with just a handful of shoes in sizes 9-11. The response was overwhelming and after two years trading the range had grown and customers kept requesting clothing for tall girls. In 2001 I launched the first Tallgirls clothing range designed specifically for fashion conscious tall women from 5ft10” to 6ft3”.


The most rewarding moments have been when shy tall teenagers walk in to the showroom with little hope of walking out with anything that fits; and by the end of their appointment they leave with smiles on their faces and armfuls of bags. Or the excitable chatter coming from the changing rooms at our Pop Up Shops when our lovely tall customers compare styles and try on each others garments!

Over the years our range has grown to include denim in tall sizes, maternity wear for tall women, swimwear and sportswear for tall girls, nightwear in longer lengths, extra tall leggings, and party tops for tall girls; plus bridal footwear in large sizes, sport shoes for large feet, flat shoes in big sizes, slippers in sizes 9,10,11 and 12.

If you are still looking for a style we don’t stock – send us an email: sales@tallgirls.co.uk, we are always trying to source new suppliers and styles for our tall range. And If you want to chat to other tall girls who know what it’s like to be tall join the Tallgirls face book page.


Welcome to Tallgirls Leggy Lovelies! Now you can wear what you want
Joanne x

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