If you’re based outside of the UK you can visit one of our stockists:


Lange Dame

Bosstraat 6

9671 GG Winschoten

Tel.: 0597 422029

Wednesday  12-17.30pm

Thursday 12-17.30pm

Friday 12-17.30pm

Saturday 12-17.00pm


Lange Dame

Carolieweg 16

9711 LS Groningen (naast zij-ingang van de Hema)

Tel.: 050 7370155

Monday 13-17.30pm

Tuesday 10.30-17.30pm

Wednesday 10.30-17.30pm

Thursday 10.30-17.30pm

Friday 10.30-17.30pm

Saturday 10.30-17.00pm



Bella Lunga

Doorniksestraat 12




UK customers can visit our Hampshire based showroom or one of our Pop Up Shops

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