Joanne McHarg – at 6ft 3” with size 10 feet the director of Tall Girls knows what it’s like to experience the ups & downs of height.

Here she offers advice to any girls who lack confidence with their height;


Most importantly you should think positive. You are gorgeous and you need to know it. A confident looking, happy person will attract others. Nobody wants to know the uncomfortable looking person cowering in the corner.

Always remember that everyone has some insecurity, whether it is their skin, hair, weight, looks, personality – think yourself lucky; your insecurity is actually an asset.

OK so it is harder to get clothes and shoes to fit (we are trying to help you there!), but people do treat you differently. A tall woman is automatically treated with respect. People assume you are confident, intelligent and capable of doing things for yourself. A short woman is often patronised and treated as someone younger and less intelligent than they are. As you get older and start a career you will find this an asset – especially when you start earning more money than your shorter female colleagues!

When it comes to boyfriends, tall girls like us sometimes have difficulties. You may think that boys your own age don’t like you – but it’s not true. They are in awe of you and don’t quite know how to approach you – YET! Usually younger men find it hard to know how to chat up a tall girl. Because of their lack of confidence in their own decisions they usually go for the obvious option, the stereotypical girls that their mates would not find challenging. Young men have a strange mentality – they all wear the same branded clothes because they need to belong, they all look for the same brand of girl. Whereas a girl would wear what is fashionable, fits and what suits her- the clothes could be any brand, and so could the man!

Girls simply develop confidence in their decisions from an earlier age. Girls know what they like and why they like it. They tend to like a boy for his personality more than his looks. A boy usually goes for a what is perceived by his peers as an acceptable look for a girl: whether this be related to height, hair length, looks or dress. The good news is that as they get older, and boys grow up to be men they find out what they really like.

Remember that you don’t have to dress a certain way to attract a boyfriend. And if you go over the top you are in danger of looking like a cross-dresser! When you go out with your friends to a pub or a club, you will find that a lot of women go out of their way to be noticed – they wear the shortest skirts, the most make up, the biggest hair. You have to simply walk into a room to be noticed. And they are looking at you in admiration – not for any other reason.

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